Immony Men is an artist, educator, and community-based researcher. He is an assistant professor in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University and the co-director of the Public Visualization Lab. He has completed an MFA in Visual Arts at the University of Windsor. He has also completed an MA in Communications and New Media at McMaster University. As a researcher, Men has been involved in a variety of projects that incorporates drone videography, photogrammetry, interactive technology, and time-based media. As an artist, he has exhibited nationally and internationally and has been awarded municipal, provincial, and federal funding to support his work. Men’s practice takes the form of interactive installations, interdisciplinary performances, social artworks, and community-based research projects. He also shares a social art practice with his collaborator Maegan Broadhurst. Collaborative artworks include Shadows!, Cite, Chthulucene, Everything in Place, Can you hear the city whispering?, Last Night at the Chestnut, Home on Gerrard Street, From the Mouth of the River and Our City Centre Skatepark. Solo exhibitions include Taking Care of Business (National Museum of Fine Arts of Quebec, Khyber ICA, Artspace, Grunt Gallery, Gallery 44, Gallery 101), Effections: “We need to Talk” (Videographe, Connexion Gallery, Beaverbrooke, Harcourt House, Arnica, A Space, and Centre3), and Khnhom mok muoy kaun techtuoch.